Saturday, December 16, 2006

One More Happy Birthday

I need to send out another Happy Birthday, this time to my favorite dad in the whole world - who's less embarassing every year. Even, dare I say it, in a Quality Dairy. Today my dad is 64 ... I believe. (It's always hard remembering my parents' age - I just know they're old.)

I love you, Dad. Happy Birthday! And many, many more.


zach l said...

Dang. I hope i never feel that old...
yet, does he get less rude each year? i'm beginning to wonder.

Scott Lyons said...

I used to think so too, Zach. But the older I've gotten, the more I realize that my own rudeness far exceeds my father's.

Your grandpa is a simple and very transparent man. He does not wear masks as I do. But hiding our rudeness is not Christlike. We can smile and play nice, but if our souls recoil at another's rudeness, if we so easily take offense, and if we wish to be rude back (to hurt back), than we are no better.

Being like Christ is nowhere more difficult than within our own families. Life is so concrete with those closest to us - it's not lived in the abstraction of relationships in which we are accustomed - whether it's school or church or work. In those places, it's simple to be kind. Family is concrete Christianity, it's real. And seeing ourselves as we are isn't always pretty, though it is always instructive.

That is why we need to love each other deeply, build one another up continuously, and ask for forgiveness daily. And we must always pray.

All of us are lost without the mercy of God. So pray for Grandpa. Pray for me. Pray that we love God and one another more truly each day.

(By the way, Zach - what happened to your blog? I miss reading it and keeping up with what's happening in your life.)