Friday, July 20, 2007

The Back Fence

Do any of you home educators have a specific lesson plan book that you're crazy over? Or, if there is not one that holds a special place in your heart, what are the basic elements you think a good planner needs?

Today I received a planner in the mail that, honestly, is not any more useful than a regular planner, so I was thinking about purchasing something like this Moleskine® planner+notebook instead.



truevyne said...

I don't use a planning book. Does that make me a lame homeschooler?

Scott Lyons said...

Absolutely not, True - you're a veteran. I, on the other hand, am a scared sh**less beginner who knows generally what he will be doing, but haven't yet gotten my feet wet.

Send advice. Pretty please. Quickly.

Hope said...

I used to sometimes write in a notebook at the end of the day what had been accomplished. I never used more than a notebook. I had fantasies of some perfect planner book but in reality what I wanted was a fool proof plan. Never happened. But lots of good learning, especially reading, happened instead.

alison said...

Both years I have purchased curriculum that come with planners...since they sort of do the planning for you.

Don't be scared...or be scared and know that it will pass. You are just taking on a new mantle (being solely responsible for your kid's education), and initially it is really heavy, but it won't always.

The two of you - as well as all the rascals in the wings - are going to do great.

Ouiz said...

Actually, I *do* have a planner that I love. It comes from Family Centered Press.

It has a men's planner as well, and you specify if you want them to add the homeschooling planner in the back for you.

I like it because it has the month at a glance, daily pages (with the Saint of the Day and the readings), all the Feast Days listed, and a homeschooling planner that is big enough for me to write everything in.