Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Divine Comedy

Today was the fifth or sixth day of August where the temperature was 100 degrees or hotter. It reached 102 today. I don't know what the heat index was. Don't want to know. On the days where it hasn't been 100, it's been mighty close.
     On one of those 100-degree days I was without A/C. My own fault of course - hadn't changed the filters in two years. The unit froze up and I got to spend some of the day in the blessedly cool mud of my crawl space, dethawing the ice from the unit and cleaning the filters. I only lost two children to the heat, which frees up space in the house and lowers stress and the grocery bill. I was also not attacked by any of the giant slugs or cave crickets, God be praised, though some looked at me curiously. Thusly, I learn. (The A/C is working beautifully now thank you very much.)
     And there's been no rain to spit at either. The good thing about no rain is that the lawn stays crunchy and brown and doesn't require me to mow it that often. The bad thing about no rain is that everything dies without water.
     But I suspect things will become happier and cooler and rainier in time. August doesn't last forever, not even in North Carolina.

Our lawn, currently.


alison said...

We had the same thing happen to our filter on an unusually hot Memorial Day weekend. You better believe that we change the filter every couple of months now.

I am surprised you only lost two.

Dan said...

I think I'd better go have a look at my filter!

Scott Lyons said...

The filters are a pain to change, being in the crawl space under the house with the mutant insects and invertebrates. (A basement would have been nice.) But I have made the decision to brave them. I'm taking these hits for the team, brave and intrepid father that I am.

alison said...

I would say, brave, intrepid and GOOD father that you are.

Scott Lyons said...

Oh, not good, Alison. I am angry and selfish and proud. I am impatient and unkind. I am not good. But I want to be. At least, I want to want to be.