Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!

After having to look at the dog-headed picture for over a week, I thought I owed you. Merry Christmas!

HT: Chad, whose wife, btw, is having their second baby - perhaps even as I type. Congratulations, Chad!


kkollwitz said...

...and a Happy New Year! Speaking of traditions, our teenagers will be introduced to our Chocolate and Spumante midnight, ummm, snack.

Nothin' But Noams said...

S- Is that you giving a "thumbs-up" sign behind Mary??? Oh, my! Tell Laura to give me another ring when she has a minute - it was a treat for me just to hear her voice! Miss you and hope you had a blessed Christmas! Love ya! - Robin via Mason's BLOG

Scott Lyons said...

Happy New Year, kkollwitz!

Happy New Year, Beebee family! (Btw, the person in the nativity scene is Stephen Colbert, not me. : ) )

Scott Lyons said...

And sorry for the extra E - doh!