Friday, February 08, 2008

The Decemberists - The Crane Wife 3

My older son loves this song by The Decemberists. It came on during the trip home from the dentist yesterday, and we listened to it for at least twenty minutes (not to mention that once we were home we couldn't get out of the truck until it had finished). Over and over again. Will sat staring out the window and sucking on his two fingers as he listened. And he sings:

hane my head yo.
hane my head, hane my head yo.
I wi' hane my head yo.

Daddy, why he hane he head?

The song is based on the beloved Japanese children's tale, "The Crane Wife."

The illustration is by Cheryl Kirk Noll.


Dan said...

Your son has good taste--that's a song I have bookmarked on Pandora.

alison said...

Great song. I love sharing with one of my kids the experience of having music move me.

Dan said...

I find it fascinating that he loves the song, and that he sings the "hook" along with just about anyone else who likes the song. It tells me there are things regarding aesthetic sensibilities that are fundamental about us and common to us all, regardless of age or culture. It's not to say that everyone in the world would love this song, but it is significant that it's a "catchy" tune, and that it's been caught by your son who doesn't even comprehend the words.

I think that's very cool.

alison said...

How did you answer "why he hane he head?"

Scott Lyons said...

I told him he was hanging his head because he was sad and then gave him a quick overview of the story.

He came away with, he hane he head because she turn into a bird.