Monday, August 04, 2008

To Be the Fool

In Chesterton's biography of St. Francis of Assisi he says something that takes me off-guard - that Francis was thought a fool and that Francis embraced his being a fool, and redeemed being a fool. Chesterton gives the analogy of digging through the earth, and how halfway through you begin digging up rather than down. I was struck by the similarity of his words and Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter as Hester is branded with a symbol of shame and yet, through her godly and wise life, the red A becomes a symbol of something beautiful - not that adultery is beautiful, but that Hester is. She is transformed by it and therefore transcends it. This is what Christ does. He takes a curse (hung on a tree), descends into hell with it, and comes out on the other side with the symbol remade. So that now, I wear a cross around my neck - not as some macabre homage to Roman cruelty, but because the shame has become glory, because night has been made into day.


Hillbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Scott - This has nothing to do with your blog entry. Sorry. Just know that you posted some last year about wanting Classical approach info. for homeschooling. I'm looking into a new co-op here called Classical Conversations. You can find info. on the web. I think there is a group mtg. in your area. Sounds very impressive! Thought you might want to look into it. Miss you and miss blogging too!! - Robin

Scott Lyons said...

Thanks, Robin.

Actually, and this may be something of a surprise for you, Laura and I have sent all the girls back to public school. I appreciate the information though. One of the things that saddens me about the whole affair is their not learning Latin or Greek. I suppose I could still get in some studies with them a few minutes each night, but it seems strange to do so.

That being said, I'm going to personally continue my own Latin studies, and also try to pick up my Greek again. So now I'm looking for some good adult sources.

Bloggin' Robin said...

What?!? Wow, I hate that I do not stay in better touch with my precious friends. I had no idea. So are the girls commuting with Laura or in D-town? I'm sure they will do great in school! Classes started today public school and in our home. Ha-ha! Scott, quite honestly if there is any adult that could actually sit down and teach themselves Latin... Greek... or even the Dinka language... Well, it would have to be YOU!! Hats off to you! Give Laura my love and congrats - Reid shared your conversation with me! Yippee and Yahoo from K-town!! Love ya!