Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I don't get Sarah Palin. Maybe she's like Facebook for me: I enjoy having the page, but I don't find it particularly engaging or addictive. I like the connection, certainly, I just don't get the buzz. (As I've said here before, I'm a little slow.) So the only thing Palin has going for her, that I can determine, is that she's your average Jane Evangelical. But I don't understand, as Peggy Noonan recently wrote, that she "killed" at the convention. I suppose it depends on your meaning and, perhaps more, your perspective. The only thing I heard at the convention from Palin was trash talk - and not even uncommonly good trash talk, but just your ordinary trash talk that you read daily on conservative blogs. Rush trash. She came out swinging, certainly.

I like that she's pro-life. I love that she kept a baby with Down Syndrome and has a fairly large family. I like that she's able to come out after a week of media battery and deliver. I like that she's a woman and a mother and a wife.

Is there something more here, something I'm missing? Or is it simply that unenthusiastic McCain supporters ("Well, he's more pro-life than that baby-killer Obama") finally got someone ardently pro-life and unarguably alive?

Forgive my sarcasm.

I tease you because I love you.


paul said...

She delivered a bold speech with a smile.

And she has "middle class American woman" written all over her: non-Ivy League pedigreed, hockey mom, with five kids including a son in the military, a daughter pregnant, a husband with union background, and an outdoor-activities' loving family, etc., etc.

Those things are appealing to a large % of the population or at least they find them relateable.

The media has been absolutely frenzied about this new female arrival to the national scene, many with a spiteful tone. Why do you suppose that is?

paul said...

Scott, just read a brief article about perceptions or characterizations of Palin & Obama that I found interesting: http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=ZTk1NTJmODYwOTQ0NmNjOTYzZGUzN2UwNWY2MjRkODQ=

I certainly agree with its parting wish for civility.

Scott Lyons said...

Paul, thanks for sending the article - it's a good one.