Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time on the Machine

If anyone wants to send me a laptop, I'd be grateful. It's too hard to get time upstairs in the office on the desktop machine. Too hard. Not enough time. The kids simply won't permit it, and I, in obedience, must listen to them. So I'm thinking about a 13" MacBook, titanium uni-body. Nothing fancy. Just let me know when you have it, and I'll send you my address. I'll even pony up and pay for shipping. That's a mighty tempting offer, eh? Think about it. (I'll even promise not to talk about politics here anymore. Huh? Huh?)


alison said...

At that last promise I lunged for my purse but, as tempting as that is, there's our pesky mortgage and those kids who insist on being fed and clothed.

Scott Lyons said...

Two words, Alison: Top Ramen. Real change requires real sacrifice.