Friday, March 30, 2012


It is nearly 9:30 and my almost 13 year old is not yet awake. At what time does this teenager sleeping till noon thing start? We've got school to do after all.

I'm needing to write again. I don't know why this urge comes and goes with me. Maybe it's a constant thing that I simply succeed at distracting myself from until it builds into something too great to ignore. Maybe it's gas. I really don't know, but have, through a couple different avenues, been drawn back to Flannery O'Connor's writing and the inspiration it has been to me and continues to be to me. Specifically, the short story, "Parker's Back." I was flipping through Google Reader when I saw someone had written on this story, Flannery's final bit of writing. What a wonderful story addressing, ultimately perhaps, the Incarnation. It's a good one, if you haven't read it. Nearly as haunting, I suspect, as Parker's own back. Anyway, time to wake up Sleeping Beauty and get on with the day.

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Renee said...

Parker's Back is my favorite! It is especially good read out loud.