Monday, August 03, 2015

life is odd

In recent summers, we have traveled to Michigan for about a month to help my parents with a little pizza/ice cream/grocery on a lake up north. I work alongside my mom and dad. I have very little free time. And then our short summer (usually about a month) ends and we return to North Carolina, my wife to work and me to home. The transitions are difficult each time for me.

I'm often at odds with myself, with my place.

In another, bigger transition this year, all the school-age children are going to be in school, and I will be home with only the two youngest, Asa and Ellie. Life will still be insane, but perhaps with the homeschooling hat hung up for now I will also have more time to be a little more ordered and free to write. This is my hope.


Fred Kaffenberger said...

Good luck with the writing!

Scott Lyons said...

Thank you, sir.