Monday, June 11, 2007

Dear John

I've decided I need a break; I need time away from writing here. I will post about the kids occasionally or about that issue that's burning holes in the pockets of my brain. But as far as posting with any regularity - I'm shutting it down for a while. Maybe for the summer.

Go on. Get your box of tissues.

I'll be lurking, to be sure. But for now I need some distance from this place. I'm needed elsewhere.

But I'm still here, of course. And if you are dying for my groovy wisdom and sweet insights (or if you just want to chat), send me an e-mail. I read all my mail and answer it personally.



reid said...

Where will it end? Do you not see the folly in this? I suppose the next thing you will be doing is giving the kids a break from school for the summer!

onionboy said...


~m2~ said...


say it isn't so?