Monday, June 04, 2007

Jesus of Nazareth

I'm still planning on adding my inanities to the myriad of voices reviewing Papa Benedict's new book. But until then, this quote by an Orthodox Christian, Kevin P. Edgecomb, perfectly states the feelings I've had while reading it:

"One thing I think is clear. This book Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict (Ratzinger) will come to be recognized as a watershed in a way that none of the other Jesus books ever has been or ever could be, a flaming sword between the Paradise of a faithful reading and application of all the Biblical texts fully informed by Patristic writings and Church Tradition yielding an image of the Living Jesus Christ, and the desert of academic historical-critical and other fads seeking a new and different contemporary Jesus to pad curricula vitae."

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Jim McCullough said...

Here's hoping!