Monday, October 08, 2007


Jennifer at "Et Tu?" and Handmaid Mary-Leah, an Orthodox Christian, have also posted on covering their heads during Liturgy in the past couple of days. Jennifer just posted hers. Handmaid Mary-Leah posted hers on Saturday - thoughts from St John Chrysostom.

I read them, but I'm pretty sure neither of them read me.


handmaidmary-leah said...

Now there you are wrong, cause here I am. But I don't read Catholic sites as a general rule, there is too much in Orthodoxy to learn about to deal with anything in the Latin Church.
I wandered over because of the link, to see what was what...
BTW... those were not "thoughts from St John Chrysostom" that was an excerpt from his Homily 27 on I Corinthians 11; I would say that this is what he preached to be the truth about the Gospel... and those are my thoughts.
Don't feel bad about being small, my blog is small, it is best that way, much easier to stay out of trouble and under the radar.
Even then, be careful, linking back to posts will bring folks looking to see, what's up...
In Christ,
the handmaid,

Scott Lyons said...

Handmaid Mary-Leah! I stand corrected about St John Chrysostom. And I would agree with you that he preached the truth about the gospel.

Thanks for dropping by - there is a lifetime (and far, far more) in Orthodoxy to discover. There are unplumbable riches there.