Tuesday, October 23, 2007

St Macarius the Elder

"Leave everything that happens, good or bad, in God's hands."

When counseling on prayer, St Macarius said that the best prayers are not always those that are long or eloquent. Short ones are equally pleasing to God, like "O God, come to my assistance"; or "Lord, show me mercy as you know best." This absolute mildness and patience communicated itself, and was responsible for many conversions.


St Macarius was not spared trials from without. At one point the heretical bishop of Alexandria [Lucius, an Arian] exiled him and his monks to an island in the Nile. But the exiles lost no time, and converted the pagan islanders. At length they were released. The people loved them too much to allow that to happen again.

St Macarius ... advises us: "Do not fear false accusations: God always knows the truth."

St Macarius, pray for us.

Excerpted from Fr Robert F McNamara

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