Monday, November 12, 2007

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you are contracted to write about spiritual practices, but feel unworthy and incompetent to do so?

You pray and try to be diligent in your duty. And you pray.

When I said I'd take this job, I wanted a paying gig where I could write about the spiritual life - I thought it would be cool, honestly, and I needed the money - but the more I write, the more I understand my own utter lack of authority in such matters. I am humbled by it.

So this is a nothing post. Just a note to say that I feel totally inadequate for this endeavor.

May God guide me, and forgive me my errors.


Reid said...

What do you do? Express gratitude for the weakness before the gracious One.

Dan said...

The best spiritual writing I've ever read comes from people who are humble and feel inadequate to the task. It makes it more credible, so it seems to me that you're in the right place.