Friday, October 03, 2008

God Love 'Em

Palin did well last night. I thought Biden did better, but at least Palin was coherent. Speaking of incoherence, after reading the text of Katie Couric's interview with Gov Palin, I've concluded that the McCain campaign is justified in accusing Couric of "Gotcha" journalism. There are clever little traps here that Katie sets - yes, that's journalism for you; yes, Palin ought to be able to navigate tough journalists. But the journalist's purpose is to inform the public about what the candidate believes, where she stands, rather than try to make her look like an idiot (at which they were quite successful, with no little help from Gov Palin). Also, journalists should hold her accountable for her own history and her own words rather than expecting her to know the minutiae of McCain's 132-year-long voting and speaking records. That would strain the brainpans of all but the most erudite of us.

One other thing, lay off on the pro-life issue, media. And since you won't: Palin, stand up. "Darnit, youbetcha I'm pro-life and here's why." It is our argument that is supported by science, reason and faith. Yes, the right to kill our babies in the womb is the law of the land. But guess what, Washington Herd, it's an immoral law. Life is not about women's rights. If it were, the government wouldn't be able to draw the line anywhere in a woman's womb, as it most certainly does. Indeed, if it were simply a matter of women's rights, the government wouldn't even be able to draw the line outside the womb.

Oh, and, just curious, did anyone besides my wife and I, hear Palin, after she corrected him, call the senator, Obiden? We laughed for half an hour about it, doing our best at Tina Fey.


Anonymous said...

Perfect, Scott. Can you email that pro-life bit to Palin herself?
We didn't laugh so much about Obiden as we did about Biden's possible facelift. He didn't have one, but his eyes - a little freaky. Palin has some major sun damage and that one piece of bang that moved every time she blinked was a bit irritating. HDTV brings out the details people and it is NOT pretty. I know, I am being a bit superficial, but in an hour and a half of mostly repetition, what is a girl to do?

Hey - give a "shout out" to your wife for me. Ack!

Scott Lyons said...

Shout out given, Kelsey. Hope you're doing well.