Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grr. Dog.

Getting a dog several months back was one of the worst stupidest decisions of my life. I say that with only part of my tongue in my cheek. He's too much for me at this point in my life. He's like a toddler with sharp teeth and claws and who doesn't understand a word a say. And who doesn't take regular naps during the day. And who pees and poops and vomits wherever he pleases. This dog is going to be a good dog someday, I just don't know if I'm going to survive seeing him get there. That's how I feel this morning. Don't I have enough going on without a dog to worry about?

Sometimes I want to strangle him, or secretly hope that he strangles himself on the tie out. And I'm only half kidding. I feel so much anger and stress when he's around or I'm around him and I wonder whether he's been able to dig deeper into my heart than even where my kids go because I've learned to manage my life with children. But then you throw in a dog and the whole machinery comes grinding to a halt (hmm, that's a good idea too) and I'm forced to stare down into the hell of my heart again.

Help. O God, come to my aid.


truevyne said...

Perhaps we could trade. My son picked out a cat at the shelter six years ago. She pukes everywhere, misses the litter box, meows constantly. Worst of all, she thinks I'm her person, but I'm not. She jumps on me every time she sees me sitting and literally tries to get in my mouth. I have wished for her death many times, but no such luck.

kkollwitz said...

I win (or lose)! My household has a cat and two dogs. I do not want any of them. I am resigned to having a happy wife & kids. I tell them I hope I outlive the dreadful pets, and be able to enjoy my house for a year or two before dying.

Dan said...

I house sat for some dogs over a weekend not too long ago, and woke to the sound of her puking in my bedroom at 4:00 in the morning. That cured me of the mystique of having a least for awhile.

I feel your pain, and hope that him "becoming a good dog" happens sooner rather than later. (It's also OK to decide yours is not a house meant to have a dog.)

alison said...

My friend, a dog is a big "sponsibility" as Lydia used to say anytime, but combined with a newborn that's a big load.

I highly recommend "The Dog Whisperer" check out the DVD's from the library and watch them together with Laura and the kids.

I did A LOT of reading/research on the front end before getting a puppy and it was STILL a load of work with a steep learning curve. I seriously underestimated the work of training the family.