Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mi Casa

Two loads of laundry a day seems to keep up with the flood of clothes in my house. That's not too bad for eight people. And while the loads may increase as the clothes and kids get bigger, I figure it will amount to the same amount of folding, so I'm OK with it. The only real problem I'm left with is where to put all the clean clothes. There's simply never enough room. I need two more systems: (1) finding additional storage for clothes (so we're not overrun), as in old milk crates, and (2) creating a routine of giving clothes away and a place to do so (I'd rather not give to an organization that's going to re-sell the clothes). People have been good to us, always. So much so that we rarely need to pick up clothes for the kids, or that we spend much less money on clothes than you'd expect.

Two loads of dishes each day is too much, however. A load and a half of dishes keeps pace with our family nicely. But we seem to go heavy on silverware - washing dishes is necessary each day simply to make sure there are enough spoons.

Most days I am simply like the Carolina wren that nests nearby, darting about to find food for hungry mouths, who rests now and again outside the window of a rather odd-looking man, to sing for him.


truevyne said...

Take it from me-the problem with bigger clothes is one has to do even more loads. And it seems to me that while I don't like my current system- folding and distributing from the chair in my room- I probably won't change it.

kkollwitz said...

Like the Carolina wrens in our birdhouses, you'll get run ragged by the young'uns, but soon they'll leave the nest and you can take it easy for awhile.

And in the meantime, what would you rather be doing than dumping your life into the future?