Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If You Sent Me on a Cruise

Such busy weeks, the past one and the one before. Last Week: Two birthdays prepared for and celebrated, two first Communion practices, one First Communion, and one big celebration of all of those things on Saturday. That was all piled onto the normal busyness. It was Anna's first Communion - and it was beautiful (pictures and more, later). It was Will's fifth birthday and Sophie's tenth. (I also had two articles due, which were turned in late. My bad.) The Week Prior: My mother had a stroke. Thanks be to God only a minor stroke, but my week was tumbled by it and I was drained emotionally waiting and praying and being more anxious than I'm supposed to be. My mom seems to be back to normal and the kids and I are looking forward to another visit from Grandma and Papa later this month.

All I feel like doing is sleeping, and that's precisely all that I would do if someone sent me on a cruise this week. Unfortunately, no one has. But I suppose that's OK, since I would sleep through it anyway.


Dan said...

Glad to hear your mom is alright! Glad they caught it so quickly!

Keep on keeping on...

kkollwitz said...

Bad family cruises once a year, and there's not much time for sleeping. Being at home and going to work is more restful. I usually don't really relax on a cruise until it's over and I'm back at work.

So, see, you're not missing any downtime!

If you're at home right now as I am, let's both pretend we just got back from a cruise and at last we can take it easy.

RAnn said...

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