Friday, March 24, 2006

Hard Cash on the High Sea

Laura and I watched a pirated copy of Walk the Line last night. It was my first pirated DVD. Ar! We all know that piracy is wrong, but if someone lends you a copy of a movie to view, and you pay a monthly fee to Netflix to watch as many movies as you want each month anyway, how can you say No?

It was a very good movie. And I had forgotten that it was pirated even before the Legal Notice had finished burning its redness into my retinas. I enjoyed the movie and was amazed that Joaquin and Reese actually sang their parts and did not have Johnny and June's voices dubbed over them. Excellent jobs.


Hazel Hazel said...

I saw it at the theater and loved it too.

truevyne said...

Buck and I RENTED the movie. Okay, I'm sure the movies a friend picks up for nothing on his business trips to China, and then lends me all the time are pirated. But by golly, Buck and I paid for Walk the Line.
I liked the movie. One thought-I so don't have to worry about it, but I would not make a good wife to the absent father of my children either. Amd Reese was fabulous. Maybe she'll come sing at my SURPRISE birthday party next weekend.

Juliabohemian said...

have you seen any of those anti-piracy movies they have started showing in theaters. They are like "if you watch this you are breaking the law!!!" They're almost...reminiscent of 80s after school specials.

Anyway, that was a superb movie. Sadly, I had to PAY to watch it. But, I was also impressed by the singing. I think Joaquin Pheonix has quite a future in the movie business. (a far cry from the little boy in parenthood who got caught watching x-rated movies)

cassie-b said...

I won't tell.

Jamie Dawn said...

I agree that both actors did a great job.
Pirated flicks? You're going to hell!