Thursday, March 09, 2006

Notes from the Infirmary

The Lyons' house has been full this week. But Laura and Sophie, home because of the flu, are heading back to school today. Avery got it too, but it hasn't seemed to hit her as hard as her sister or her mama.

The Jeep's running loudly. I'll be looking at it today. And if you know anything about my automobile expertise, you are now laughing out loud.

I am meeting with our local priest to discuss sin and grace and justification tomorrow afternoon (4 p.m.). I'd appreciate your prayers about this meeting, as I'm having difficulty verbalizing my questions and ordering my thoughts.

Anyone have an extra Easy Button lying around?

On a bright note, it's supposed to be in the 70s and sunny (80 on Sunday and Monday?) for the next five or more days╬ę.

My son just typed that omega. I don't know how. The Raccoon has this thing with computers - after he's touched it, I usually have to do a search for help on how to get the computer running normally again. The last time he had access to it, he set the computer to "VoiceOver" so that the machine was reading every text out loud as I scrolled over it. It was not a sultry reading either - just sterile computerized vocalizations. (Blast!) It only takes him a few keystrokes to confound me.

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Jamie Dawn said...

I think Will might be a genius. Do her say weg too?

I hope your appt with the priest goes well. I'm sure you will be able to keep your thoughts in order once you get started talking.