Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Change of a Plan

I hate doing what I'm about to do because I feel like I do it so often - especially here. I don't fully think through the implications of my intentions, or either that I'm simply naive. Which is to say that I'm going to end what I just began, blogging through the Compendium. But let me explain why. It's not because I'm bored with it, but rather because the very next section is the center of many disagreements between Catholics and Protestants - between me and my friends and my family. And that was never my intention for this series. I thought I could do it without cheesing off anyone who read, but I'm simply not that confident in my ability to facilitate a discussion over Catholic theology.

I still plan on doing what I'm doing, but it will be a more private affair with a real live journal. The plan for this series was always for my growth in understanding my faith. The problem with posting that process here is twofold: First, it makes me look like I think I know something about something, which is not how I feel at all. (And is actually the opposite of my intention, which is to be a student.) Second, it makes for unnecessary controversy. As much as I would love to sit down, read and discuss the Compendium or the Catechism with friends and family, I don't intend to do so here where discussion can be so very difficult.

This decision doesn't mean questions about my faith won't come up here, of course, just that a series won't be devoted to it. It doesn't mean that I don't want controversy here - that's simply us thinking differently on an issue. It certainly doesn't mean that I won't occasionally get ornery and deliberately push people's buttons, because Hey! that's just fun.

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onionboy said...

"And those who sow peace will reap a harvest of righteousness." - my paraphrase-ish of James 3:18

P.S. I forget if I mentioned my new blog "Yootikus" - anyway it'll be linked in the blogger bio thingy