Monday, May 19, 2008

Morning Demons

It was a busy weekend, though good. I'm tired. And I woke up this morning nursing a grievance from the night before. Not the best way to kick off a new day. I walked, praying the Rosary. I showered, dressed, and sat down with a cup of coffee as the sun rose. I decided to open up the Magnificat for more prayer and readings, since I still felt so desperate for it, only to read about "morning demons" and, well, nursing grievances from the night before.

The light of Christ dawns on us, it breaks fresh upon us each day. The Spirit of God pursues you and me earnestly and with great love. Pray that I might better receive his grace this morning and be filled with peace and hope, rather than hurt and anger.

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onionboy said...

He is quite something, that third Person of the Holy Trinity, always able to make the needed applications in our life.


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