Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Scandal of Motherhood

Motherhood sounds so domestic. And domestic is dull at best. Yesterday I heard of a woman complaining about the misogyny of motherhood - as if it chains them to the earth or clips their wings or steals their dignity. Not my wife, though she struggles with the criticism that comes in unkind comments and open repudiation from strangers and family alike.

Though rarely so extreme as seeing misogyny in motherhood, the subtlety of such attitudes infect our culture. We want the blessing of children, but we only want it so far. And yet as a favorite Scripture says, Women will be saved through childbirth. We aren't simply turning our backs on "blessings" from God when we say No, we are turning our backs on our salvation. Children, domesticity, saves us. Greased by God's grace, oiled by his very Spirit, we are ground into the life of God - becoming nothing in order to gain everything. We are conformed by fits and tantrums, by sicknesses and hurts, by loneliness and ingratitude. We stumble and rise, stumble and rise, stumble and rise. And it is in the rising that we are saved, washed, sanctified. Motherhood saves us by its sheer force. Or it crushes us.

The world mocks. Plenty in the Church do as well. We are modern men and mothers and believe that a woman can be more meaningful in this life as a professional, as if a career could change the world as a person does.

Mothers are never given their due. Every day ought to be given to you as Mother's Day is, laid out before you in love, with flowers.

Mothers are worthy of great praise.


Scott Lyons said...

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HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Ah, Scott, this is the BLOG I was hoping to see!! You have started my day with encouragement and I THANK YOU!! I am a "lone" mother for the next few days with Reid out-of-town. This has prompted me to JOYFULLY set out to "stumble and rise...stumble and rise!" Motherhood has truly shaped me! Thank you! Love on that precious wife of yours, will ya!?

HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

One more thing, fathers are worthy of great praise as well!