Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some Stuff

Life is funny. Just when I start getting interesting in pipe smoking, it possibly turns to dirt. The last couple of mornings after smoking, I've woken up with a monster migraine. I'm not certain the two are causally related, but it's likely. For me, it simply doesn't take much of a change in environment to trigger a headache. And that reaction from my body just makes me sad. I like the ritual of the pipe - the quiet of it, its spirituality. I'm going to give it a few more shots, but if the headaches, such severe headaches, continue on subsequent mornings, then this sordid affair, though passionate, will be short-lived.

On Fresh Air today (NPR), Terry Gross interviewed Ron Hansen, author of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and who has just released a new historical fiction book on the life of Gerard Manley Hopkins (one of my most favorite of poets). Mr. Hansen is a deacon in the Catholic Church and Hopkins was a convert to the Catholic Church, who became a Jesuit priest and whose poetry was all published posthumously. This is my kind of book. It's titled Exiles and I think it's going to my Father's Day gift to myself. (Happy Father's Day to me! Happy Father's Day to me!)

Speaking of books, today the UPS man brought a gargantuan box of the complete works of Shakespeare, hardcovers all, 38 books total. The offer was through Amazon and published by the Penguin Group. All for $60 (that's $1.58 per play). A splurge on my part, but I couldn't resist. ("Happy Father's Day to you!" sings my wife. "Happy Father's Day to you!")

I lost my Rosary and am quite frustrated about it (truth be told, I'm cussing mad). I had it sitting on the night stand next to my bed and two days ago it came up missing. I checked with the local pack rat (yellow-haired), but she doesn't seem to have it. No one has seen it. I've checked under and in the bed and in all the pockets of shorts and jeans I've worn and I can't find it. It really bothers me. My dad gave me this Rosary, one that he had from ages past and I've enjoyed praying with it. Say a quick prayer for me that I'll find it, if you would, since I obviously can't pray without it.


Dan said...

Put the pipe away for a week or sense giving it up until a little abstinence is tried. Everything in moderation, as they say.

I probably smoke at the most 20 times a year, and it's enough for me. I enjoy that it's an occasional thing that I do when the mood really strikes me. I've been jonesing for a pipe smoke ever since you blogged about it, but I'm saving it for a camping trip next week. Puffing a pipe around a campfire is one of life's best pleasures.

Scott Lyons said...

Now that's just good advice, Dan. I'll try to pull back and instead of once every two or three days, wait till July till I puff again.

Btw, for those of you losing sleep, anxious about my finding my Rosary - I appreciate your prayers. This morning, while looking through laundry for a pair of underpants for Avery, I found the Rosary in the midst of the pile. Laura must have done that because, Lord knows, I don't ever misplace anything.

So I can pray again. Sweet relief!

truevyne said...

So glad you found your rosary~!
I hate chasing lost things. Currently, my daughter's $70 team swim suit is missing. Arggh!