Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still Here

Still here. Being dragged to lake. Finishing chores left undone. Jumping dead batteries after overhead lights are left on for a week. Getting oil changed in truck. Napping. Will return shortly.


Bloggin' Robin said...

hey - while you're doing all of the above will you pray for me while I'm in Guatemala? I'd be grateful. Reid MAY be headed your way while I'm gone. Godwin and his wife are coming in from Ghana. He may give you a buzz! I'll be jealous if he and the boys get time with some of my favorite folks and I miss out! Bummer!! Just wanted to give you a heads up. Would e-mail you but don't have your address. Hope all is well!

William said...

are you still napping?

Scott Lyons said...

Most days, Bill. But now I'm also heading to the beach - blogging will be light until Monday, I imagine. And, hey, you gonna keep up with that new blog?