Thursday, June 05, 2008

What Happened to Spring?

Here's our forecast: Today it's going to be 98°. Tomorrow, 99°. And Saturday and Sunday are each supposed to reach 100°. That's more appropriate for August, and has no business whatsoever in early June. (Just letting whomever is interested know.) The dog days are the downside of living in North Carolina. And why'd they have to come so early?

Giving thanks to God for A/C in NC.


Dan said...

Our weather's a bit aberrant, but in the other direction. This is the first spring in over ten years that has felt like spring. We usually have one week of 60º weather and then blazing temps for the rest of the summer. Nowhere near 99º mind you, but spring gets stolen from us.

I hope the heat wave dissipates soon.

Scott Lyons said...

Dan, this is very true. In fact, spring and fall in NC are quite perfect and deliciously long. It's just that summer, too, dumps over the boundaries that the calendar proposes. Hot summer here is nearly as long as the hurricane season, and runs from about June 1 to October 1. Then we have about a 1 or 1 1/2 months of cold winter (sometime around January - avg about 40) and then the rest of the year is pretty phenomenal.

Btw, if the temps reach their current forecast (today's only reaching about 94, rather than 98) then each day will set a record high. Phew.

kkollwitz said...

I think it's just a stagnant's even hot in Gatlinburg, and near the coast it's cooler than the Piedmont.

Speaking of A/C, I lived in Louisiana without A/C 'til I was 6. I didn't know anyone who was from up North.