Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Kingdom Kalled Krispy Kreme

It's not often you get to wake up to small, airy doughnuts, clothed in a toothsome film of translucent yum. It's hard to start a morning badly when these golden O's wait and want to throw themselves into your rumbling maw. And this morning it happened. Blue skies, a smile on everyone's face - it makes me think that all mankind could come together as one under the glowing, hot-now banner.

The kingdom began a few minutes up the road from me, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. You might think that there would be a theme park in Old Salem dedicated to the Original Glazed, but there is not. It is a quiet and humble kingdom. They needn't have castles and fairies and mice to spread the good news of the Original Glazed. They needn't have snappy songs, "Today is Tuesday, you know what that means? We have a special guest today," with doughnuts tied to the heads of adolescents. They need only a window onto which pilgrims and devotees may press their chubby faces and watch the little rings of dough be transfigured into the Original Glazed.

The kingdom presses on. And the doors of Dunkin' shall not stand against it.

My daughter Anna sat in the chair with an Original Glazed doughnut in front of her for ten minutes. She hadn't touched it. I looked down at my belly, to remind myself of her goodly heritage, and I looked at the little four-year-old stick figure demonstrating such painfully severe discipline. "Anna, you gonna eat that doughnut?"

"I am going to if you'd stop talking to me," she said. And she did. Once I stopped talking to her.


Meg said...

Your kids knock me out.

Sherry C said...

Scott, you slay me with your wit. When you are funny, you are really funny. This was brilliant.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci said...

LOL! Wonderful

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

Ahhh well done. I think I would have continued talking to the daughter in the hopes that she would eventually lose interest and leave me with the tastey morsel; however. Must have been tempting.

The Lumpy

jaymarie said...

not only am i laughing out loud, but my mouth is watering as well. oh, see now there is drool on the keyboard.

"if you'd stop talking to me".... that is just too much.
if only i had a quarter for the times people have thought that of me, but kids they just come out and say it. thank God. we need more of that around here.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope Anna enjoyed it.
I am currently in your neck of the woods (Winston-Salem) since I am seeing my doctor here again. You spoke of Old Salem. I have been there a few times and have throrougly enjoyed their Sugar Cake.
I have a friend who can't eat Krispy Kremes because it gives him diahrrea. Isn't that just terrible?

Scott said...

Meg, Sherry, Jaymarie - are you guys still reading this stuff?

The Lumpy, thanks for stopping by - I appreciate it. I would have tried to grab the doughnut, but I my conscience got the better of me.

Jamie, thanks for dropping by, man. I've enjoyed reading your comments over at Jesus Creed and just discovered Emergent Voyageurs.

Mrs. Dawn, KK doughnuts = diahrrea? Why continue?

Hey, if you need a loud family to come out and help celebrate your birthday today, let me know and I'll drag these three demon-spawn out there and grab some lunch with you. Or the entire fam could come out for supper, if that would work better for you.

The sugar cake is good, Jamie. Have you ever had the Moravian cookies?

Jamie Dawn said...

Yes, I've had the cookies. I like the cake better.
I spent most of the day at the doc's and the hospital for pre-op stuff. I'm back at my hotel now, and my hubby will be here around 10:30 tonight.
I'm currently reading Velvet Elvis... finally. I may have it finished this evening. The guy's ideas and thought processes are certainly worthy of consideration. I'm always open to thinking differently.
After my surgery tomorrow, I won't be able to talk at all for several days. (My family doesn't mind this part at all.) Maybe our family's will be able to actually meet some time when we are out this way again.
Have a good weekend. I plan to be back to blogging after the weekend.

Marti said...

What a "sweet" post LOL

{{waves to other internet friends, sends good wishes to Jamie Dawn}}

Andy said...

Every morning I pass the Hot Fresh Now sign -- glowing -- but must turn it down. My arteries thank me...but my appetite does not.