Friday, September 09, 2005

Will's Boo-Boo

We were heading over to the pediatrician's office this morning because Will's knee is slightly swollen and red. It appears that while he was crawling outside he got some kind of splinter in it. Right now, he has a spot nearly two inches long, nearly one inch wide, and it's red, slightly swollen, and hard. Anna and Avery were asking me why we were going to the doctor's office and I explained to them that a boo-boo on Will's knee was swollen and hard. Avery said, "Like my butt?" Sometimes you just have to laugh. (I don't know where she's picked up that language - probably from church.)

(By the way, Will has some antibiotics and will be going back to the doctor's tomorrow morning. We are just watching for changes right now and watching it in case it abscesses. If it gets mushy [abscesses] then the doctor will get to cut it open and drain it. Fun, eh?)

1 comment:

Jamie Dawn said...

Poor Will. I hope the swelling goes down on its own.
You may want to give Avery some of those anti-biotics for her swollen butt.