Friday, December 09, 2005

In the Meantime

Laura was heading to a conference today, so I had to drive Sophie in to school this morning. Laura pulled out first, but we basically left at the same time. She called me five minutes down the road.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey, I have a sexy man behind me in a white van."

I looked around and her Jeep was nowhere in sight. "Oh really?" I said.

"Uh huh," she said.

Then I spotted her a quarter of a mile up the road. I said, "You don't, by any chance, mean the white van that's tailgating you, do you?"

"Uh huh," she said in her oh-so-sultry voice.

"Well that sexy man ain't me, Baby. I'm the white van behind that white van."

This past month a local church put up a new message on their sign out front. It makes me chuckle every time I pass it.

"Be Thankful for Little
& Enjoy Much"


alison said...

Regarding Laura trying to love you up one side and down the other: that is just the sort of thing that would happen to me.

Very Funny.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ah, she thought it was you, though.
Maybe the sign should say: Thanks for nothing!

see-through faith said...

loved this

her heart is in the right place and remember love is blind :)

Bruce said...

Oh, Scott,
It is so funny!
Do you have the same cars or may be you look like that white van man?