Thursday, December 29, 2005

Monkey Boy

I saw Kong over the holiday with my big brother. For some reason, ever since, I've been grabbing Barbie dolls and running around the house like an oversized silverback. Weird.

(Obviously, I haven't shut up yet. My apologies.)


Dave said...

Ape play? Well, I suppose that beats making out with a GI Joe.

truevyne said...

My dear husband says I probably wouldn't like the movie, BUT my boys sure did.
Good thing you have Barbies around to act out movies scenes. I'm not sure what your wife would do if she came home from work and found you on the roof holding one of your little girls in one arm and pounding your chest with the other.
Would any of your Barbies happen to be from Barbie Pegasus? Did you go slowly insane as I did pulling all the tabs and twists to get her out of the box??

Scott said...

Truevyne, my insanity was of the quicker variety. I'm considering becoming a Jehovah's Witness in order to avoid the packaging on these gifts. And we definitely had some Barbie Pegasus toys unwrapped.

My wife wouldn't like Kong either. I might be able to get her to sit down for the DVD, but I'm guessing even then she'll leave the room.

Dave, yes.

Jamie Dawn said...

Your previous post got me chuckling. Did you REALLY shut up after your said Hello? I doubt it!

Now, that you've seen King Kong, I can tell you that I did NOT like how they changed the original movie and made the lady become friends with King Kong. The little sliding dance on the ice was TOOOO much!! I thought the movie was beautifully done though and I enjoyed it.