Monday, June 26, 2006


Summer is officially started in the Lyons's home. (Yes, just now. My wife teaches at an extended-year school. 200 days instead of 180.)

Our beach house in Nags Head where we'll be vacationing at the end of July has WiFi. It will only be used when necessary, however, so don't get too uptight. It's not like I'll be playing Halo all week long. I mean, Pshaw! It'll be useful for finding activities, directions, and the like. I might even give that job to someone else in the family. You know, just set up the laptop for anyone who needs to use it.

Summer is officially started in the Lyons's home. It's short, but it's here.



alison said...

How does Laura like her schedule? Even with the longer year doesn't she get some bigger breaks mixed in throughout it?

Other friends of ours have a teacher in the family and their summer theme is, "Every day is Saturday!"


Scott said...

I wish, Alison. Her schedule is the same as any other school - it just starts two weeks earlier and ends two weeks later. I think maybe you're thinking of year-round school. They get breaks throughout the year. Laura is extended year. I like to call it hell.

Actually, it's a blessing in that she gets paid for an extra month.

alison said...


Well you can have the "Everyday is Saturday" theme for a month.