Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yellow-Haired Child Eats Soup

Black Bean and Chicken Soup

My wife has made a couple of batches of delicious soup in the past two weeks. Last week it was Broccoli and Cheese. This week it was a spicy Black Bean and Chicken soup. The kids, of course, are somewhat adverse to the idea of soup - all of them but the yellow-haired child. Two days this week she and I have sat down at the table together with a bowl or cup of soup. It's precious time for me, this fellowship of soup, this breaking of bread (or crackers).

She blows the heat right out of her soup, along with the occasional piece of broccoli or kernel of corn. And she doesn't mind the spiciness, so long as she has enough Kool-Aid to fight the heat.

They say eating hot foods helps to keep you cool on a hot day. They're wrong.


Marti said...

Oh geez, I can't take hot food in the summer! We're always having salads or sandwiches! LOL

Dan said...

Nice "food styling..." The photo looks good!

Julie said...

like that you've added photos- adds a bit o' flare

Scott said...

Marti, I'm with you. Nothing better than a bowl of melon.

Dan, thanks - I actually ripped it from FoodTV. Don't tell.

Jeweliet - thanks. I realized that I hadn't had many photos lately and decided to get out the digital camera again. Probably ought to be taking pictures of these kids anyway.