Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rabbi Shmuley


I love Shmuley. He has a show on TLC called Shalom in the Home that's quickly become popular with Laura and me. Maybe we'll be tired of it in a month or so. But for now, we're fans. Take last night's show for instance: He spends time with a broken family to heal deep wounds and two months later some things are better, and some things aren't. He didn't fix all the problems. He offered shalom, but not everyone wanted it. Or they may have wanted shalom, but not at the price it costs. Whatever else it may be, shalom is costly.

Not even in TV Land can you heal real people who do not wish to be healed. You can speak God to them, proclaiming His love for them, and still you may fail. God does not call us to "succeed"; He calls us to love. The results are His business.

So here's to Shmuley and his mission of shalom - our mission also, by the way.

I like this picture - it makes me laugh because I pulled it off of David Duke's site. I found it through a Google Image search. I didn't stick around to see what he was doing with a picture of the good rabbi, but I guess he must be a fan too.

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