Friday, September 15, 2006

The Darndest Things: The Series (a.k.a. my life)

In profound irony, our Willow Tree "Angel of Learning" figurine lost her head this morning. The Raccoon threw it on the floor, busting it off.

I swear I need to duct tape this child down; if I leave the room to take a pee he begins his pillaging. And - Free Fun Fact #118 - it doesn't take me long to pee. Anyone else have children like this? (No wisecracks, Mom.)

Anyway, as I was cleaning up the angel within the puddle of water that he had also spilled onto the floor, I muttered it: "We can't have anything nice around here."

The yellow-haired child, who was beside me - conversing with my angry mutterings (another reason to rein in the cussing) - shook her head and said, "Nope, we can't have anything nice."


truevyne said...

Yes, I had a three ring circus of destruction when my boys were toddlers. They broke anything I held dear years ago, and with my aging mind, I can't remember anything in particular.

Beheading an angel...isn't that the unpardonable sin?

Dan said...

Hey Scott,

I'm thinking it was your birthday today. Happy B-day if I'm right!


Scott said...

Dan, mind like a steel trap. Thanks, man. 36 today - well, yesterday now.