Sunday, September 10, 2006


The fam and I were in a McDonald's Drive-Thru today (killing them softly) before church; we were about an hour early due to the general incomprehensibility of time-measuring devices as well as going to a later Mass. While waiting in line, we saw a sign telling us to turn off our cell phones. In the top corner of the sign was a little no-cell-phone symbol and above it, in small letters, was the following:

Bikers Against Dumbass Drivers"

And I was like, what the... this is a McDonald's sign (with the McDonald's logo) that has the B.A.D.D. logo on it! Blew me away. I mean, for the love of all the children of the world!

Anyway, I filed a complaint with the manager, whose exact response was, "Nuh-uh?!" or something like it.

I need to start keeping my camera with me in my pimped miniVANilla. Fo' shizzle.


Xand said...

Well. There is a path between crashes and cell phones. But it's a funny story...

Dan said...

I like the edited title. :-)

Marti said...

I see people driving just awful and almost always you see that they were talking on that cell hone! Cute title for sure. Hope this finds you well - sorry for not stopping by for so long, been crazy getting the book out.