Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quick Note

Though I have been busy with some freelance work, I finished it last night. I hope to pick up on more regular posting here later today or tomorrow. At the very least, I'll try not to leave up a post with cussin' in the title for nearly a week.

Besides freelance work, I've had the oldest home feverish, since Tuesday. She's a trooper though, and seems to be pulling out of it. So far no one else has gotten sick.


alison said...

I have been checking in, but I have to be careful to do it when Einstein's Protege is not in the room or his eagle eyes will catch it.

Scott said...

He he. Sorry, Alison. It'll be farther down today.

Reid said...

So glad to hear you've finished the freelancing, for now. I've been praying for you.