Friday, September 15, 2006

Some, like, Heady Stuff, Dude

(Fr) Al Kimel, over at Pontifications, has a couple of good articles on Catholicism up. (He always has something interesting and intellectually stimulating on his blog.) Just go on and link to the site if you haven't yet. Go on, I'll wait.

There are three contributors at Pontifications: (1) Alvin Kimel (the Pontificator) is a former Episcopalian priest of 25 years, and was received into the Catholic Church in 2005; (2) Fr. Stephen Freeman, an Orthodox priest, is also a former Episcopalian priest; and (3) Michael Liccione, a cradle Catholic, holds a PhD in Philosophy.

A couple of articles (I'm playing catch-up) I enjoyed reading this morning: "Who Are God's Favorites?" and "Why Do I Remain in the Church?" (by Hans Urs von Balthasar, 1972). Check them out.

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