Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm Leaking

I've got a water leak somewhere on my property and it's driving me nuts. As of today's bill, my monthly water bill has quadrupled in the last three months. We're talking water bills of Noahic proportions: I could save money by turning the water off and bathing in Aquafina. So I'm calling in the professionals tomorrow.


I've already fixed the leaky toilets, and I've been unable to find any other leaks in or under the house. Any suggestions of what else I could do would be welcome.


jannie_b said...

Friends of ours had this problem and it was between the water main and the house, on the house side of the meter. The water was basically leaking into the ground under their front lawn.

Reid said...

I'd didn't think Denton had municipal water? You sure they're not just send bills to all the locals hoping some will pay?

Sorry for the sad attempt at humor, and at your expense.

Make sure you let the city know about the problem. They may be willing to work with you regarding bill payment.

mom said...

Dad suggested you may have a bad meter. Hopefully, the city will have a solution! Was there a significant rise in usage when I was there? Laundry uses many gallons...

truevyne said...

We had a leak in the pump outside for our goats which apparently went unnoticed the whole month to the tune of $400.
We had another at the meter 1/4 a mile from our house a few months later. Maybe someone had run into it? Because it was on the property side, not the street side of the meter, we were responsible to pay another $300 bill. I was hoppin' mad, and my husband asked the city to meet him at the meter where he talked them out of most of the bill.
My best advice is to walk around outside feeling for squish and under your house too.