Thursday, March 15, 2007

Writing through Sex God, 3

Chapter Eight: Johnny and June

God is one. Man and woman are one. Same word in Hebrew (coincidentally in English as well), one. Therefore, we see the sharing and unity of God in a growing, beautiful marriage. And it is our purpose to bring more "oneness," more unity to our world.

It strikes me at this moment how much about Eden there is in this book. Rob draws greatly from the Creation poems/stories here and throughout.

Chapter Nine: Whoopee Forever

What more can I really say that the chapter title doesn't?

If marriage is a picture of the shared in the life of the Trinity, what becomes of sexuality and marriage when we are actually in His presence? Rob's view is that it is all sublimated into the Consummation of Relationship. I suppose it is what Peter and the fathers have in mind when they talk of theosis - of sharing in the Divine Life.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Sex God, though not as much as Velvet Elvis. Rob is an engaging guy whose heart is transparent in its desire to live Christ in our world. I would encourage you to read the books. But also, listen to the MP3s from Mars Hill. They're cut of the same cloth. And in the sermons you get to hear and see this faith he speaks of put into action in Western Michigan and around the world. It's not just another mega-church. Exciting stuff.

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