Friday, March 09, 2007

Sex God

I read Sex God tonight, Rob Bell's new book. It was quite good and I plan on discussing it to some degree. But not tonight; I have a headache.

(I'm such a tease.)


~m2~ said...

i adore rob bell. i wish i lived closer because i know i would go to his church (visit, of course, right? riiiight???)


did you like the book?

Scott Lyons said...

I did like the book, Penni - the fascinating thing to me was how much it reminded me of Papa Benedict's Deus Caritas Est (if you can compare Bell and Benedict).

unquenchableworshipper said...

People keep telling me how much I'd love Rob Bell, and I keep ignoring them hoping my book addiction will go away if I stay away from good authors. Is this an effective strategy?

truevyne said...

Rats, I just posted under my husband's account again. Sorry, Scott.

Dan said...

That's on my reading list as well, but it's maybe too far down my queue, so to speak.

If you're going to be discussing it, maybe I'll jump it up a few notches.

I think I'm going to start attending Mars Hill. Went last Sunday, and it was good, and I figure after about a five year absence from church, it's probably high time I started going again.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

Scott Lyons said...

Goodness, True - get yourself together! ;) And your book strategy is sweet. Cold turkey, I say.

Dan, that's excellent. Before I was Catholic, one of the reasons I thought Grand Rapids would be a nice place to live was Mars Hill. It sounds as if there are some good things happening there.

truevyne said...

Confession: I fell off the wagon immediatley. I ordered the Velvet Elvis or whatever soon after I posted. It's hopeless.