Sunday, March 25, 2007

Church Signs

Please, if you're going to invest in a sign for your church, restrict its use to information or Scripture, preferably something that raises readers' hearts toward heaven.

I saw each of these signs in the past 24 hours. The spring weather is making for some frisky pastors:

If God Had a Refrigerator
Your Picture Would Be on It


If You Want to Make
A Monkey of Yourself
Believe in Evolution


Was the Boss
On the Cross


If God Is in Your Heart
Please Notify Your Face


ScottB said...

My favorite sign ever was more of a midsummer thing. Some enterprising pastor wanted to communicate what made his congregation distinctive from the other half a dozen or so along the same street. His message?

"We have air conditioning."

truevyne said...

"Sign broken. Message inside."

At the end of my country street sits a little country church with a name which is entirely too long. They constantly have messages on the order of "dust on your Bible/sin in your heart."