Thursday, January 17, 2008

Anna Is Seven

Today is Anna's birthday and she got the day off from school due to some freezing rain. I was planning on still homeschooling, but since the kids get so few days off on account of snow and ice - and because their sister is off - we're all taking a break today.

I can't believe how quickly children grow up. It makes me wish I had some backwater farm so's I could put these younguns to work.

Yesterday, Anna, Will, and I went to Barnes & Noble and Anna picked out a couple of horse activity books/toys/games for her birthday while I picked up a nice children's dictionary for home.

Meanwhile, I have coffee breath and have some kids hollerin'. Gotta run.

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HIllbilly Rockin' Robin said...

Happy Birthday Anna! And, Scott, the rule around here is "NO SCHOOL ON BIRTHDAYS!!" If it is someone's birthday we spend the day celebrating them...I guess that means you can take the day off and then celebrate Anna when she gets home from school. Seriously, have a wonderful day and give her a hug from us!!