Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tonight, Get Lost


Scott Lyons said...

It looks like I'll have to catch Clinton and Obama in reruns.

Dan said...

I'll be watching both Wednesday and Thursday nights' episodes tonight with a bunch of friends at a Lost party, sans commercials.

I'll let you know what I think.

Scott Lyons said...

I'd like to hear your thoughts. I thought there were inspiring moments, but I was left wanting more.

The final scene of last season, with Charlie's message and subsequent death/crossing himself is still incredibly moving for me.

Dan said...

I think I enjoyed the final episode of last season most of all, and I agree with you about the final scene being moving.

I wasn't really left wanting more--I think it was the LOST fan in my coming completely back to the fore, glad to back in a state where I had another episode to look forward to next week. I'm intrigued by the newcomers to the island, and very intrigued by Locke and the splitting of the camp, followed by Hurley's referral to the split saying "I should have gone with you." Also, very intrigued by the "Oceanic Six" and who the funeral was for.

I guess what I was left with was a boatload of questions that need answering, and that's what I like best about LOST.

What'd you think?

Scott Lyons said...

Here's the thing about Lost - it's good even when it's not mind-numbingly good. And that's how I felt about the premiere. It was good (very good), just not mind-numbingly good.

I love the "looking forward" in the past couple of episodes. That's brilliant. And I'm wondering about the same things you're wondering, I'm sure. Oceanic Six, Hurley's Jacob encounter in the jungle - maybe they're all caught up in the dream of John Locke. Crazy stuff.

Lost does a spectacular job of leaving you anticipating what is next - and they did an excellent job with that in the premier.

It's difficult for me, however, since I've seen two of the three seasons on DVD. I want to be able to pop the next one in, or select the next episode on the menu, and the damn TV won't let me.

Oh well.

I was also struck once again with just how chilling and enigmatic the character of Ben is - and how much better the story is because of him.