Monday, January 07, 2008

Who Can Be Saved?

The most recent issue of First Things came in the mail on Saturday and I tore it out of its plastic today for some good bathroom and Disney-channel reading. One of the articles in this issue, "Who Can Be Saved?" by Avery Cardinal Dulles was, well, not completely printed in the issue (Oh, sweet printer's errors of which we are all susceptible.) Because of the printing error, they've posted the article online. It's an interesting article, and an interesting look at how the Catholic Church has historically viewed salvation - and how that view has developed - for those, specifically, who have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel.


ali said...

i came upon your blog through a link at older than jesus. i love your blog. i am a convert also and share in your enthusiasm.

paul said...

Interesting indeed.

Scott Lyons said...

Ali, welcome! I'm glad you like it here, and, far more importantly - congratulations on your conversion!

Paul, ... indeed.