Friday, January 11, 2008

I Am Legend

Got out today. Deposited check. Picked up The Pillars of the Earth from library. (Stayed as briefly as possible with four children, two of whom think every building is a McDonald's PlayLand. Yay! me. Almost let eldest child get Ezra Jack Keats book, even though it was a translation (Un Día de Nieva). Hey! It's where I was. Then offered librarian my debit card rather than my library card.) Came home.

Extricated plastic bling from Jack Henry's mouth tonight and put it on end table. Three minutes later, I noticed that the boy-child had climbed to his feet at the end table and shoved the plastic bling back into his mouth. Swept mouth with finger, avoiding teeth. (I've feared this day [homo sapiens-erectus] for a very long time.)

Must sleep now. Rest is a weapon. Coffee insufficient.

1 comment:

alison said...

Rest IS a weapon. Well said, very active, must remember when Paul is out of the country.

And well done on taking all the hellions to the library.