Friday, March 07, 2008


I'm on Facebook, by the way, and would love to have more friends (or seem to have more). I'm not sure I understand the buzz about the site even though I've been there for a while, but it is certainly another avenue to connect with people. That's always nice.

The reason I am posting this is (other than trying to fill up my box of friends) is twofold: I just had someone whose blog I read join up and we are now officially friends (phew!); (b) I was thinking about the "Bookshelf" application over there - to share what you're reading and have read and discuss such things, and it struck me that while they have categories like "Currently Reading," "Want to Read," and "Already Read" to describe your books; they have no "Never Finished" category, and then maybe with a subcategory to list the reason why (such as, "It sucked," "My brain is too small," or "It was assigned for a class"). I'd like that category to be added, though it might quickly get out of hand, as I've never finished hundreds and hundreds of books, for some of those very reasons.

Some of you may already be part of Facebook, and I've just been unable to find you. Perhaps we could start a book club about the books we've never finished.


zachL said...

ha wow yeah exactly why i have bad luck choosing books i like- i find that most of them do indeed suck.

xaipe said...

I am trying to find you on Facebook, but there are a lot of Scott Lyonses!

Scott Lyons said...


Does the link in my post just get you to Facebook? If so, do a search for "Scott Lyons" and then filter the search by my network "Greensboro, NC". That should only pull up a couple dozen hits. I'm the only one in it, however, that isn't a group, the one eating donuts with a bunch of children.

Here's an even easier way: if you already have a Facebook account, go to the Friends tab and invite me using the following email address: sweptover [at] gmail [dot] com.

alison said...

I am VERY excited about the bookshelf. I have resisted joining too, but finally, after one more invitation (don't I sound wearied by my popularity!) I joined tonight.

I am waiting to see if you'll be my friend.