Friday, March 07, 2008

Dog Bites, Bee Stings, Feeling Sad

Here are a few of my favorite things, that any one of you can enjoy (except the one about my wife). This list was birthed out of my love for Wheat Thins - so it stretches thin on the back end.

  • Best Snacking Chip: Wheat Thins Toasted Chips, Veggie - bright yellow bag. These crackers are delicious. They're hands-down the best on the market. So say I. The other wonderful thing about them is that they have the appearance of health with such descriptors as, "60% less fat," "toasted," and "Veggie." Their healthfulness is, some would say, the Obama of the cracker/chip world.

  • Best TV Show: Lost. Of course, miss an episode and you'll be lost too. But I would suggest, after having missed three or four episodes now, to wait until November or December, queue the DVDs on Netflix, and watch Lost until your eyes shrivel up in their sockets. Sweet.

  • Best Writer of All Time: Shakespeare. His plays simply don't get old. I mean, they get older every year, but one doesn't tire of them. They're timeless, is what I mean. I laugh at all who disagree: Ha ha ha.

  • Best Movie of 2007: I'll have to let you know in 2009.

  • Best Album of 2007: Arcade Fire's Neon Bible. This album is sick (for you younguns who can read). And was a fine (er hum) sophomore release by Arcade Fire. Needless to say, opinions are like assholes - as my father is wont to say; everyone has one. And so say I. And science will back me on this one.

  • Best Date of 2007: "Uh, did we get a date this year, Sugar Bougar?" Of course, every day being married to this woman is like a date. Tonight is Date 5,726. I probably ought to change out of my pajamas.

  • Best Pope of 2007: Benedict XVI. Benedict rules!

  • Best Presidential Candidate: Someone not running, let me assure you. I've said enough on the bid for the White House on this blog. I'll not write about it again tonight.

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