Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Week

Laura and Anna's spring break begins on Good Friday (well, Anna's does) and then we'll probably be digging in to rest - just enjoying our break rather than doing any extensive traveling. Maybe some gardening, some yard work, some light schooling.

Laura is being received into the Catholic Church on Easter Vigil; I will be confirmed. Laura and Sophie both had their first Reconciliation this past Saturday. We have practices to attend on top of the already busy, but blessed, Holy Triduum liturgies.

For the most part, I'm taking this week off from school so the kids can begin to view the liturgical calendar as the structure of their lives rather than something added on to it, or worked around it. Most families cannot do so because of their work and school commitments; therefore, my children's ability to more fully participate in the life of the Church during this time is a special blessing and privilege for them, even though they don't understand it at this age.

It would be nice to have family and friends around us during this time, but I know that's not the reality right now. It's a joyful time for us, certainly. But we are all so very tired also.

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