Monday, July 11, 2005

Lawnmower Man

My enjoyment of lawn mowing goes no further than its being an activity in which I can engage without interruption by my lovelies. I would enjoy it more if I had a very slow riding mower to cut my quarter-acre lot, equipped with shade umbrella and drink holder. Mowing my lawn is a sweaty price to pay for an hour and a half of Daddy Downtime, but I am willing (reluctant, but willing). And, frankly, I don't have a choice since my boy isn't walking yet.

In the meantime, my yard suffers under the tyranny of my procrastination. It groans more deeply and more emphatically, I imagine, than the rest of creation.


Sherry C said...

I have actually come to love mowing the lawn, precisely for that uninterrupted down time aspect. And yes, in our new home in Montana, I do have that riding mower (no umbrella or drink holder--I got fried and dehydrated out there today), but I loved it even with my pathetic push mower before.

The real beauty is that it now takes two afternoons to mow the weeds down. That means for the low, low price of a dust bath (it's really dry here) and a bit of a sunburn, I can think my own thoughts for five hours or so--and I'm not being selfish to do it--I'm contributing to the overall good of our household!

Beautiful, I tell you, beautiful!

Give it time, perhaps you will acquire a taste for it. Hey, it worked with me and microbrews.

alison said...

I was the lawn girl from the age of 11 - 14, this included the summer we first took possession of our home and I ran over several frogs and snakes. When Paul and I bought our first home he wanted to buy a cheap push mower from a friend. I was pushing (:)) for a self-propelled. He said I didn't need to worry about it as he was going to be the mower in this happy home. I didn't have him sign a notarized document, but it was a consideration.

Last Fall we moved to a house on about an acre with a two story hill. This Spring after a long business trip he fractured his hand. We are currently paying a young guy to do it since I don't have the strength to push our dull mower, especially up the big hill. But I wonder if it might be a good thing for me to try in order to be alone and to gain some strength.

Will consider.

Jamie Dawn said...

I think you deserve a riding lawn mower, so you can get away from it all and do some thinking. My hubby needs alone time to restore his personal batteries. It seems that for him, people are draining. Maybe you can start putting all your extra change in a big jar and start a "Daddy's Downtime Fund" and by the year 2011, you may be able to get that riding mower.
Good Luck!

I love this blog. Good writing!

Scott said...

Yes, Jamie, 2011 - lol. That's right around the corner! Of course my first daughter will be nearing puberty at that time, so not a bad idea . . .

Sherry, microbrews sound like just the thing for after an afternoon in the dust and pollen.

Alison, you could mow the rest of the lawn and then give the boy a quarter for the hill.

Sherry C said...

Amen. Give me a Fat Tire and a Claritin and I'm good to go.